Bis[N-(isonitrosoacetophenone)-N'-benzoylhydrazonato-k(3)O,N,N']nickel(II) dimethylformamide disolvate hemihydrate: Synthesis, crystal structure, and spectroscopic and electronic properties

Zulfikaroglu A., Yuksektepe C., Bati H., Caliskan N.

RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF COORDINATION CHEMISTRY, vol.36, no.2, pp.124-128, 2010 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In the title complex, [Ni(C30H24N6O4)](2) center dot 4C(3)H(7)NO center dot H2O (I), the Ni(II) atoms are six-coordinated by two N atoms and one O atom of each of the two tridendate benzoylhydrazone ligands, leading to a distorted octahedral geometry. In the environment of Ni(II) atoms, the equatorial planes are approximately perpendicular. The structure is stabilized by O-H...O, O-H...N, and C-H...O intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonding, resulting in the formation of infinite chains running along the x axis of the triclinic cell. The structure of the compound was characterized by IR and UV spectra, elemental analyses, and X-ray diffraction techniques.