The treatment of different odontogenic cysts in children only using acrylic appliance-guided decompression: A long-term clinical study

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ANADOLU KLİNİĞİ TIP BİLİMLERİ DERGİSİ, vol.28, no.1, pp.15-23, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Aim: Various odontogenic cysts may rarely occur in the jawbones during childhood, including radicular cysts, dentigerous cysts, and odontogenic keratocysts. Treatment for such cysts ranges from conservative approaches to radical surgical procedures. The present study evaluates the effect of the decompression alone method for treating various odontogenic cysts in children. Methods: A retrospective cohort study was performed that included pediatric patients who applied to the pedodontics clinic between 2014 and 2016. Data such as age, gender, anatomical location, reasons for admission, histopathological diagnosis and dimensions of the cysts, and associated teeth were recorded. All odontogenic cysts were treated using the decompression method with an acrylic obturator. All patients were evaluated clinically and radiologically one, three, six, and 12 months after the operation and annually thereafter. Results: As a result of the pathological examination, it was determined that 10 of the 16 odontogenic cysts were dentigerous cysts, 5 were radicular cysts and 1 was an odontogenic keratocyst. The patients consisted of 4 girls and 12 boys, with a mean age of 108.68±21.01 months. The average duration of the decompression was 7.3±1.41 months and the average follow-up was 9.6±2,56 years. In four patients, spontaneous eruption of the impacted permanent teeth was not observed; these were erupted using orthodontic treatment. In two cases of dentigerous cysts, the impacted teeth were extracted and the cyst was enucleated. In the remaining 14 cases, the permanent teeth erupted (spontaneous+orthodontic guided) successfully (87.5%), and the cysts healed completely after decompression treatment. Conclusion: To avoid developmental problems, conservative procedures should be preferred for the treatment of odontogenic cysts in children. Decompression therapy using an acrylic obturator is an effective treatment for odontogenic cysts in pediatric patients; this approach protects and maintains permanent teeth. However, new clinical studies with larger sample sizes are needed to support these results.