Determination of Some Paddy Varieties Resistant to Iron Toxicity


Uluslararası tarım araştırmalarında yenilikçi yaklaşımlar dergisi (Online), vol.5, no.1, pp.80-90, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


The aim of this study is to determine some paddy varieties resistant to iron toxicity. Two different nutrient solutions were applied in the form of iron sulphate (FeSO4.7H2O) (Fe concentrations of I) 45 µM Fe (sufficient Fe), II) 3.50 mM Fe (toxic Fe) to paddy cultivars grown in sand media. Among the paddy cultivars grown at toxic iron level (3.50 mM Fe), the closest paddy cultivars in terms of investigated traits were identified as Hamzadere and Edirne cultivars, while the furthest cultivars were identified as Biga incisi and Ronaldo cultivars. Present findings revealed that Biga incisi and Edirne paddy cultivars were tolerant to toxic iron levels and Ronaldo paddy cultivar was the most susceptible to iron toxicity. Biga incisi and Edirne paddy cultivars formed a group and the best traits of these cultivars designating iron toxicity were identified as iron ratio transported to shoot, tolerance index to toxic iron level, shoot total iron content and leaf relative peroxidase activity. According to biplot analysis, Ronaldo paddy cultivar formed a different group and the best traits of this cultivar at toxic iron level were identified as iron ratio remained in roots and root cold extractable Fe/Zn ratio.