Ülkü D., Ercan F., Macit M., Gülce A.

Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, vol.52, no.11, pp.2680-2682, 1996 (Scopus) identifier


The title compound consists of discrete centrosymmetric [Ni(C10H12N3O2)2] molecules. The coordination around the Ni atom is square planar, involving four oxime N atoms of two chelating C2H2N2O2 groups. The oxime O atoms are linked by an intramolecular hydrogen bond [O⋯O 2.546 (2) Å]. The Ni-N distances are 1.891 (2) and 1.846 (2) Å, and the N-Ni-N angle within the NiC2N2 chelate ring is 82.75 (8)°. In the central portion of the molecule, the C=N distances are equal [1.297(3) and 1.298 (3) Å], while the two N-O distances are different [1.303(3) and 1.386 (3) Å].