Antioxidant Capacity and Antibacterial Potential of Rosehip (Rosa Canina) Fruits Grown

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JOURNAL OF ANATOLIAN ENVIRONMENTAL AND ANIMAL SCIENCES, vol.8, no.1, pp.103-109, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


In this study, it was aimed to investigate the antioxidant and antibacterial capacity of the rosehip plant grown in Samsun and its surroundings. In the study, rosehip fruits were collected from 10 different regions in and around Samsun. In order to investigate the antioxidant capacity of the samples, ascorbic acid amount in grams (g) ascorbic acid, total tannin amount in gram tannic acid, total flavonoid amount in mg quercetin, total phenolic substance amount in gram gallic acid equivalent (GAE), total protein amount in g bovine serum albumin (BSA) /100 g of rosehips; total antioxidant level (TAS) mmol trolox equivalent/L, total oxidant amount was calculated in mmol H2O2 equivalent/L. Disk diffusion method was used to measure the antibacterial capacity of rosehip samples, and the inhibition diameters of the samples were determined in millimeters (mm).In line with the findings obtained in our study, the amount of ascorbic acid of the rosehip samples is 0.781-1.120 g ascorbic acid/100 g of rosehip, the amount of tannin is 1.42-4.65 g of tannic acid/100 g of rosehip, the amount of flavonoids is 29.5-36.3 mg of quercetin/100 g of rosehip, the amount of phenolic substance is 4.700 -8.347 g GAE/100 g rosehip, total protein amount 0.54-0.89 g BSA/100 g rosehip, total antioxidant level 2.59-2.62 mmol trolox equivalent/L, total oxidant level 6.13-7.41 mmol/ H2O2 equivalent/L, test Antimicrobial activity against the bacteria was not determined.In this research, it was determined that the rosehip fruit grown in Samsun and its surroundings has a high antioxidant capacity due to the amount of ascorbic acid it contains, and also shows antibacterial activity. As a result of the study, it was concluded that the composition of rosehip fruit and adding it to the feeds of livestock such as cattle, poultry and pigs will have positive effects.