Working Life and Distance Education in Covid-19 Pandemia One of The Epidemics Seen in World History

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OPUS Uluslararası Toplum Araştırmaları Dergisi, vol.17, no.Pandemi Özel Sayısı, pp.3173-3184, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Various epidemic diseases have been seen throughout human history. These diseases have brought about enormous changes affecting humanity. These epidemics, whose effects continue to be seen even after years, have brought about historical paradigm changes with radical formations and even caused many countries to be erased from history. The last of the outbreaks emerged in Wuhan Province of China in December 2019 and the effects were seen all over the world in a short time. The epidemic has affected all life in a wide range, especially working and educational life. Due to the epidemic, all countries in the world have taken various measures and implemented practices they have never tried before. With this study, all epidemics in human history were discussed in order. The changes these epidemics caused by the period of their existence have been revealed. The current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, whose effects are still ongoing, has been expressed in terms of its effects on working life and economic life. The situation of distance education, which started to be carried out all over the world with the Covid-19 epidemic, was also discussed in this context. Since such a widespread pandemic was seen nearly a century ago, it is important to evaluate the Covid-19 pandemic. This study has been a review study that provides information to guide researchers in terms of revealing the effects of epidemics by making a comparative comparison and expressing their current effects.