Examining the life quality and depressive state of amputees in terms of some variables

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YAZICI M., Yalçın Taşmektepligil M.

Universal Journal of Educational Research, vol.6, no.10, pp.2334-2340, 2018 (Scopus) identifier


This research aimed to determine whether the life quality of amputees was a significant predictor of their depression levels and whether there was a significant difference between the life quality levels and depression of amputee athletes and those leading sedentary lifestyles according to their marital status and disabled limbs. The data were collected from 202 amputees including 76 athletes and 126 sedentary. Personal Information Form, a 27-item Short Form Life Quality Scale, and Beck Depression Inventory were used as the data collection tools. The internal consistency coefficient calculated for the Life Quality Scale was 0.90, and it was 0.89 for Beck Depression Inventory in the study. The results of simple linear regression analysis performed for determining the life quality's strength of predicting depression revealed that the life quality scores of amputees were a negative significant predictor of their depression scores. It was determined that married individuals had significantly higher life quality scores and lower depression scores when compared to single individuals. In terms of the disabled limb, the difference between the life quality scores of individuals with arm-leg and foot-leg amputation was found to show a significant difference rather than those with leg amputation. In addition, it was noticed that the depression scores of the individuals with foot and leg amputation were significantly higher than those with arm amputation. Consequently, it was possible to mention that life quality affected depression, and sport was an important instrument for increasing the life quality and decreasing the depression levels of amputees. Appropriate sportive activities should be emphasized to achieve desired life quality levels and relieve depression of disabled people.