Changes in Udder Surface Temperature and Milk Quality Characteristics in Cows during the Hot Season

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Türk Tarım - Gıda Bilim ve Teknoloji dergisi, vol.10, no.2, pp.129-133, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


The aim of this study was to determine the relationships of udder surface temperature (UST) with milk components, and somatic cell count (SCC) in dairy cows during the hot season. The study was carried out with 115 lactating dairy cows (Holstein, Simmental, and Holstein × Simmental) at a private dairy farm in Samsun, Turkey, with monthly visits. The UST was measured from the udder surface before cleaning and milking. At the same time, a portable cell counter and an automatic milk analyzer were used to determine the components and the SCC of the raw milk. The UST values of the cows changed significantly. Increased UST had an adverse effect on milk solids-non-fat (SNF), protein, lactose, and density levels. LogSCC values of cow groups with UST ≤35.0°C, 35.1- 36.0°C, >36.0°C were found to be 4.475±0.0803, 4.774±0.1244, and 4.981±0.1491 respectively. The UST negatively correlated with SNF, protein, lactose, density, and freezing point, but positively correlated with LogSCC. As a result, performing UST measurements before milking may be beneficial to monitor udder health and to obtain high quality milk.