Thiophene-2-carbaldehyde N-(2,4-dinitrophenyl)-N-methylhydrazone

Aygün M., Işik Ş., Öcal N., Tahir M. N., KABAN Ş., Büyükgüngör O.

Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, vol.54, no.4, pp.527-529, 1998 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Molecules of the title compound, C12H10N4O4S, are linked through intermolecular hydrogen bonds to form a dimeric structure. The crystal structure of the dimer is stabilized by two intermolecular hydrogen bonds of the C - H⋯O type. The C⋯O intermolecular contact distance is 3.339 (3) Å, and the C=N and N-N distances are 1.279 (2) and 1.371 (7) Å, respectively. One O atom of the 2-nitro group is disordered over two sites.