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Turkish Studies - Educational Sciences , vol.14, no.4, pp.1927-1939, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Spreadsheet and chart programs are widely used in order topresent the current data in a more meaningful and visual manner in thecourses related to sciences. Within that context the aim of this study isto provide an answer to the question “What is the level of preserviceteachers' application of the most popular spreadsheet program inaccordance with the purpose of the course that is measured onperformance basis?” The aim of this analysis is to determine the level ofpreservice science teachers' application of the most popular spreadsheetprogram in accordance with the purpose of the course that is measuredon performance basis. Besides, this study aims to unveil any potentialcorrelation with certain demographic features of preservice teachers.Analysed demographic attributes of preservice teachers are “gender,condition of having a personal computer or not and condition of having atraining for using computer or not”. In the research, correlationalscreening model was used. Research group is composed of 54 preserviceteachers (43 females, 11 males) who enrolled in 3rd grade of ScienceTeaching program of Gazi University in spring term of 2013-2014academic year. Test of Plotting by Using Spreadsheet Program (TPUSSP)was used as data collection tool in the study conducted. This test iscomposed of 4 performance based questions formed with 1 table and 3chart plotting items. Findings of the study revealed that there is asignificant relation between scores obtained from the TPUSSP bypreservice teachers and gender. It is determined that mean TPUSSPscores of female preservice teachers were higher compared to males.Besides, it is realized that there was not a significant difference betweenthe condition of having a personal computer and mean TPUSSP scoresobtained by preservice teachers. Similarly, it is found that there was nota significant difference existed between the condition of having computertraining and mean TPUSSP scores obtained by preservice teachers. It canbe seen that preservice teachers achieved the lowest performance in thequestions about creating chart whereas the highest performance inquestions of creating pie chart and line chart. Based on the mean scoresobtained, it can be stated that performances of preservice teachers are atmedium level (66 %). As a suggestion, further studies can be conductedconsidering how drawing skills have changed before and after aComputer course or training offered to improve practical skills to use thementioned spreadsheet program in line with course purposes. It is alsosuggested to conduct a further study to investigate how drawing skillsimproved after taking a training course on Computer competency orattending a developmental class on how to use spreadsheet program inline with course purposes. By negotiating with computer instructors theycan be informed about the incompetency of preservice teachers and theycan be supported to focus more on the kind of performance skills thatpreservice teachers would often use in line with the purpose of theircourse.