The Science Teaching Candidates’ Opinions Related To The Hydroelectric Plants

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Necatibey Eğitim Fakültesi Elektronik Fen ve Matematik Eğitimi Dergisi, vol.13, no.2, pp.859-878, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


The energy enterprises which are based on sustainable development are possible with the societieswhich consist of the individuals with the environmental awareness and responsibility. Thus, it is considered that itis important to determine the individuals’ opinions, knowledge, awareness and attitude related to the hydroelectricplants. It is aimed with this research that the science teaching candidates’ opinions related to the hydroelectricplants are determined. The study was conducted with a total of 72 fourth-year science teacher candidates attendingthe education faculty of a public university in Turkey. The data in the research which has been conducted with thegeneral survey model has been obtained with 5 open-ended questions related to the hydroelectric plants’environmental, biological, economical, security and social aspects. The obtained data has been analyzed with thedescriptive analysis method. The research results reveal that the teaching candidates have the opinion that it isnecessary to plan the hydroelectric plants in a way of damaging at the environment and social life at least as theysupport the establishment of hydroelectric plants and in consideration with all the factors to select the place wherethe hydroelectric plants will be established. Moreover, the results show that the teaching candidates are aware ofthe hydroelectric plants, advantages, and disadvantages with their environmental, biological, economical, securityand social aspects.