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Hasan Aydın was born on 10.05.1971 in Ordu/Unye. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ünye and his higher education in Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Theology. He started his doctorate studies at OMU Social Sciences Institute in 2001 and received the title of doctor of science in 2004 with the study "Ghazali's Design of God and Universe and Its Reflections to Today". On January 24, 2014, he received the title of Associate Professor from the Department of Philosophy, in the main field of Social, Administrative and Humanities. On 15.10.2015, OMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Philosophy, Associate Professor of History of Philosophy; He was appointed as Professor on January 13, 2020.

Aydın, who is interested in the history of philosophy, Islamic philosophy and philosophy of education, has the following books in addition to his articles published in various journals: Religion, Philosophy and Science in the Tradition of Islamic Thought, Naturel Yayınları, Ankara 2005; Information Theory in the Tradition of Islamic Thought (A Critical Approach), Naturel Publications, Ankara 2005 (Master's Thesis); Ghazali, Philosophy and Its Effects on Islamic Modernism, Science and Future Library, Istanbul 2012 (PhD Thesis); Islam and Science in the Postmodern Age, Science and Future Library, Istanbul 2008; From Ancient Greece to the Classical Age of Islam: The Concept of Reason and the Problem of Causality, Science and Future Library, Istanbul 2009; Constructivism in the Light of Philosophical Foundations, Nobel Publications, 1st Edition Ankara 2007, 2nd Edition, 2012; Mitostan Logosa Love, Science and Future Publications in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Istanbul 2013; In the Light of Philosophical Anthropology, Hz. Muhammad and the Qur'an, Science and Future Publications, 1st Edition Istanbul 2014, 2nd Edition 2018; The Crisis of Philosophy in Islamic Culture and the Problem of Enlightenment, Science and Future Publications, Istanbul 2016, Sentez Publications, Bursa 2021; Philosophy in Medieval Islamic Culture: Movements, Philosophers and Fundamental Problems, (with Mehmet Dağ), Science and Future Publications, 1st Edition Istanbul 2017, 2nd Edition, 2020; So-called Aristotelian Works in the Middle Ages and the Book of Pure Good or Reasons, Science and Future Publications, Istanbul 2018; Postmodernism and Its Reflections in the Light of Critical Mind, Sentez Publications, Bursa 2021; Nature Designs and Causality from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Science and Future Publications, Istanbul 2022; Philosophical Inquiries on Our Cultural Problems, Sentez Publications, Bursa 2023.


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