General Information

Institutional Information: Veteriner Fakültesi, Klinik Öncesi Bilimler Bölümü, Parazitoloji
Research Areas: Health Sciences, Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Sciences

Names in Publications: Umur S; Umur Ş; Umur Sinasi; Sinasi Umur, Umur I;


He was born in Erbaa district of Tokat province in 1962. He completed his primary and secondary education in the same place (1968-1981). He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in 1986 and was appointed as a research assistant to Kafkas University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Parasitology, in the same year. He completed his PhD at Ankara Univ. Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Veterinary Parasitology in 1991, became Assistant Professor at Kafkas University in 1992 and Associate Professor in 1995. In 2001, he was appointed as a Professor at Akdeniz University, Burdur Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and in 2004 he was transferred to Ondokuz Mayıs University.

He served as Dean (OMÜ Vet. Fak. 2007-2010), Vice Dean (1999-2007), Head of Department (1999-2007), Senator (2004-2007), Member of the Faculty Board of Directors (1997-2010), Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Health Sciences (2004-2010), as well as the President of Kars and Burdur Chamber of Veterinary Physicians for one term. He is a faculty member at Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The author has 97 scientific articles, over half, published in international journals, 81 congress papers and more than 1500 citations. In addition, he authored chapters in 12 books, participated in 30 research projects supported by TUBITAK, TAGEM and University Research Funds, and supervised 3 PhD and 2 MSc theses.